In celebration of the Misfits 30th anniversary and the impact they’ve made on modern rock music, an elite group of up-and-coming rock, punk, and metal acts from around the world have united to pay homage to the legendary founders of horror-punk.


The compilation, titled “Anniversary of Brutality: A Worldwide Tribute To Misfits”, features up and coming 21st century rock, punk, and metal acts doing their take on classic Misfits tunes.

Special thanks to all of the bands that participated. Buy their music and go to their shows!

Very special thanks to Misfits and the impact they've made! We're lookin' forward to another 30!

Click on the song title to listen/download: 

THE DANNY CANNON SHOW-HATEBREEDERS.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

Got fuzz? The power of rock 'n' roll combined with dreamy vocal-harmonies and catchy pop-hooks is probably what The Danny Cannon Show is all about... -Hard for us to tell actually, as we are standing in the middle of this chaos, but we feel somehow that this is the foundation that we build our music upon. Nothing beats the feeling of...READ MORE


EVIL TWIN-HALLOWEEN.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

Formed in Seattle in 2003, Evil Twin has a vision with one goal: to bring back the real rock band. Loud, hook filled guitars, snarling vocals, and an overall sound that makes you want to throw back a beer and get crazy with the crowd. Evil Twin comes from a solid pre-punk musical base - including artists such as...READ MORE

IRONHEAD-STATIC AGE.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

The band was formed in 2003 in Virginia, less than 2 years after Johnny Sikk's(who recently changed his name from Johnny Sonic after being hospitalized in Seattle) father died in a motorcycle accident. The name is not only a tribute to his father but also to his death...READ MORE


KEG-SHE.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

Dubbed "The Lone Ranger Of Rock", Kris Kegley, aka KEG, is the FIRST rock n' roll solo artist to sing and play all instruments ENTIRELY by himself live. KEG starts off playing one piece of the song, captures it, and adds more as he sees fit, rapidly ripping into the song in seconds! The courageous, unrestricted live show...READ MORE

THE LAST OF THE V8S-20 EYES.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

It was 2001 when The V8s gave premature birth to their demo (turned overnight spectacle with umbilical cord intact and dragging in an oily wake) "It's On!" on the Shock Factory Rockstar Manufacturing Machine. Man, how time flies when you're groping and bleeding on...READ MORE

THE MATHEMATICS-ANGELFUCK.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

Established in the late summer of 1999, The Mathematics is the prodigal musical brainchild of frontman and king of neolounge R&B punk, Duke Fame, and his sensitive quarter-Jew sidekick Seven Arizona-Black. Black and Fame had spent the late 1990’s flipping burgers, popping pills, slamming bourbon and Coke and loose teenage...READ MORE

MOS GENERATOR-HORROR BUSINESS.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

Mos Generator formed in the winter of 2000 from the ashes of a ten year off & on collaboration between it's three members, Shawn Johnson (drums), Scooter Haslip (bass, vocals) & Tony Reed (vocals, guitar) all of which are long time veterans of road & studio. The need to strip down...READ MORE

NEMHAIN-DIE MY DARLING.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

After an eternity of drunken ranting and fannying around Nemhain has finally come screaming into being like the demon spawn of Glen Danzig and Courtney Love. She was conceived in March 2006 one Sunday in deepest, darkest Stoke Newington by Morrigan Hel, Cherry Forever and The Swede. We then coerced fellow piss heads...READ MORE

SIRENS SISTER-WHERE EAGLES DARE.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

4 friends who want to make beautiful and romantic music for everyone to fall in love to. Sirens Sister, who actually are four friends and vets of the Seattle music scene, have fulfilled their rather grandiose promise. The band's debut album, Echoes from the Ocean Floor, is at once loud, dynamic, bold ... and yet,...READ MORE

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SUPER BLACK MARKET-COUGH/COOL.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

Punk rock, at its core, has always been DIY. Certain bands seem to take that notion a step further. An attitude, mixed with influences as far back as The Clash, as recent as Hot Water Music, can render an almost immediate picture of what embodies Super Black Market. Hailing from the midwest, brothers...READ MORE


TOTAL CHAOS-ATTITUDE.mp3 Click on the song title to listen/download

Almost 17 years ago (Sept.-Oct. 1989) in Pomona Valley, CA was the birth of Total Chaos. Created out of the desperate need to save a dying genre of punk rock- during a time that the market was saturated with a more commercial new style. Along the side of a dedicated few other bands who believed in the dying ...READ MORE