Dubbed “The Lone Ranger Of Rock”, KEG is the first rock n’ roll artist to sing and play all instruments ENTIRELY by himself live. KEG starts off playing one piece of the song, captures it, and adds more as he sees fit, rapidly ripping into the song in seconds!

The courageous, unrestricted live show leaves plenty of room for improvisation and antics. KEG can play covers on the spot, extends parts, and blend songs into one another, all while singing, dancing, and enticing the audience.

 With a revolving repertoire and constant crowd participation, it is certain that no two scorching shows are ever the same!

 KEG’s audio and attitude adjoins stripped-down punk with gutsy glam, positioning him as The 21st century revolutionary rock rebel.

This is showcased on his latest effort, Lone Ranger LIVE!, capturing all of the action-packed antics that happen regularly at a KEG live show . Punk Globe Magazine calls it "An expedition you won't forget."

KEG cuts have received airplay on KNDD 107.7FM The End, Seattle's Alternative, WSU's KZUU 90.7FM, and most recently, Lars Frederiksen’s Rancid Radio.

KEG’s brought his wild rolling party across the West Coast, Europe, and recently, the Midwest. He’s rocked with the Vans Warped Tour, Wednesday 13, Trashlight Vision, Super Black Market, The Divorce, Post Stardom Depression, Chuy Poluka, Zeerok, and Dolemite.

Backed by the best fans in the world, called Team Shitfaced, KEG continues to grow his party. A party that fans of punk, glam, and rock will all enjoy.

Here's what people are saying about KEG:

"By far the BEST rock kicks we've seen the whole tour."

-Rockstar: Supernova

"Combining ranging styles from punk/glam/metal/rock and many more to create some fresh new music for your ears. Pretty innovative for one guy if you ask me."

-Scabz 'N' Bonez

"This will definitely be an expedition you won't forget."

-Punk Globe Magazine

"It was pretty fuckin' rockin'."

-Quentin James Smith, Vaux

"KEG has always had the ability to turn a shit sandwich into a masterpiece."

-Red Dragon Booking

"Kool Sound xOXOXOx."

-Bettie Page

"A Bad-Ass Rock n' Roll Machine."

-The Jet City Fix

"There's potential in his Ramones-influenced glam-rock. High-points include the bouncy third track, "Good Times" and the driving, screechy "U District."

-Reviewer Magazine

"Gotta Respect the DIY artist KEG puts a lot of work into this project and deserves some much needed attention."

-Spunk Zine

"Wait 'till you catch this guy from Seattle, WILD!"

-Branden Daniel